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Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing

Lower Columbia White SturgeonKeeper White SturgeonWhite Sturgeon   

In mid-May we move downstream to the Astoria-Megler Bridge area at the mouth of the Columbia. There we concentrate on fishing for the abundant sturgeon. Sturgeon are also an anadromous fish native to the Columbia system, but have a much longer lifespan than salmon and can grow to enormous sizes. If you have not experienced a hot sturgeon bite, then book some dates in mid-May through June and join us for this fantastic fishery - we may hook 25 fish and the largest could well be longer than you are tall!

Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing

  • what:   White Sturgeon
  • why:    Keeper Sturgeon average 42-60" with Oversize fish up to 12 feet possible
  • when:  mid-May through July
  • where: Astoria-Megler Bridge area from the Port of Chinook or Deep River

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