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 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I book a trip/contact Sidewinder Charters?
  2. Where do you fish?
  3. What do I need to bring with me?
  4. Who is our guide?
  5. How much does a trip cost?
  6. When and where do I meet you?
  7. Do you keep your fish?
  8. Do you ever cancel trips?

How do I book a trip/contact you?

  • (360) 880-8000 (mobile) or (360) 740-7888 (office)
  • Sidewinder Charters     /     144 Hewitt Road     /     Chehalis, WA  98532

To book a trip please call our message line at (360) 880-8000 (mobile) or (360) 740-7888 (office). As we are spending much of our time on the water or at remote locations we will only occasionally be able to check our e-mail.

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Where do you fish?

  • Columbia River
  • Tillamook Bay, Oregon
  • Where the fish are biting

Sidewinder Charter normally fishes the lower portion of the mighty Columbia River downstream of Cathlamet to its mouth at Buoy 10 and Tillamook Bay Oregon. If conditions warrant, we will venture to other fisheries as we are licensed to guide for Salmon and Sturgeon in Washington and Oregon in fresh and salt water. In a normal year we will start fishing the Columbia River in mid-March for spring Chinook out of Cathlamet, Washington; switch to targeting sturgeon out of Chinook or Deep River, Washington in mid-May; begin fishing for salmon in August at Buoy 10/Astoria-Megler Bridge; and then finish our season fishing for salmon in Tillamook Bay Oregon in mid-September. For more information about our fisheries please see our fishing opportunities page.

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What do I need to bring with me?

  • Fishing license and retention punch card
  • Appropriate layered clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen
  • Food and beverages

Sidewinder Charters will provide all of the bait and tackle necessary to make your day on the water a success. You should bring layered clothing appropriate to the weather; sunglasses; sunscreen; food and beverages sufficient to meet your needs for a day on the water; and possibly a camera or video camera to record your fishing adventure. As we are fishing near the Pacific Ocean the weather can change quickly from cool and foggy, to windy and cloudy to hot and sunny. This is true at any time of the year and while we have a nice cabin for you to take shelter in, you should be prepared for changing weather. You will also need to bring the appropriate fishing license and punch card for the fishery that you are going to partake in. If you are unsure what license you will need, please contact us prior to the date of your departure as licenses are not always available at the launch.

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Who is our guide?

  • Toby Muck

Toby has been fishing the waters of Oregon and Washington for his entire life. He has been a guiding them for over 25 years. For additional information about Toby, your guide and captain, please visit this page which provides a more detailed introduction to his skills and experience.

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How much does a trip cost?

2012 Season Prices for full day fishing including all bait and tackle:

  • $175 per person plus tax in Washington; $185 per person Oregon
  • Deposit $175/day
  • Children under 10 years of age are $100/day.
  • Note, it is sometimes possible to schedule a 'mixed' trip for solo anglers.
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When and where do I meet you for a trip?

  • The guide will contact you prior to your departure date to confirm the meeting time and place of departure.

As we have the flexibility to run trips from many different locations and as fishing and weather conditions may change your guide will contact you prior to your departure date to confirm the time and location for your trip. In general, you will be meeting your guide at the boat launch or marina at dawn, although sometimes the tide may influence the hour of departure.

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Do you keep your fish?

  • Yes - when legal and appropriate to do so

Sidewinder Charters is committed to not only providing you with a great fishing experience, but to sending you home with quality, properly cared for fish as well. This does not mean that we will keep everything that we land, as there are restrictions as to what type of fish may be retained or the size and condition of the fish may be judged by your guide to be of inferior quality. There are frequently restrictions on the species of salmon that may be retained, for instance wild Spring Chinook (Long fins) need to be released in the Columbia River Springer fishery and wild Coho salmon usually need to be released in the Fall Salmon fisheries. In addition, Sturgeon may only be retained if they are of a certain size - larger than 45" and smaller than 60". These restrictions are set by the Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife Departments and may be changed during the season or year to year. There may also be restrictions on the number of fish that can be kept during a fishery. Sidewinder Charters endeavors to keep itself informed of the applicable rules and regulations for its fisheries.

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Do you ever cancel trips?

  • Occasionally - when weather or fishing conditions warrant

As Sidewinder Charters is committed to providing you with a great fishing experience, we may sometimes cancel or reschedule trips if in our opinion it is not appropriate to go out. This may occur if in our opinion the weather is especially bad, the water conditions unfishable, the fishing too slow, or if fishing regulations have changed. The guide will notify you of such cancellations as early as is practical and discuss what options might be available.

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To book a trip or for further information please call (360) 880-8000 (mobile) or (360) 740-7888 (office) or e-mail

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