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75% of Sidewinder Charters business comes from repeat customers: some come back to their favorite fishery year after year, while others choose to experience each of the options for variety. We offer the following feedback for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (360) 880-8000 (mobile) or (360) 740-7888 (office) if you have any questions about Sidewinder Charters, the fisheries we target, or what your expectations should be!


Tillamook Bay 2005

"I'm getting bit" Toby shouts at the boat running parallel to our course 20' off our starboard rail. As the anglers in that boat look up, Toby yanks his rod up setting the hook on another ocean bright fall Chinook salmon. He then twists the throttle on the kicker motor and breaks to port, away from our spot in line with the other boats trolling parallel to the south jetty just outside of Tillamook Bay and another battle is on. As the water where we are fishing is only 18 feet deep the fish is left with no choice but to run away from the boat. Thankfully the other anglers in the area see our bent rod and pull up there gear or grant us wide berth and eventually another king salmon comes aboard. Almost as soon as it is aboard, Toby is urging us to get the other two rods back in the water, as the bite is on.

I fished two days with guide Toby Muck of Sidewinder Charters, fishing out of Garibaldi Marina in Tillamook Bay Oregon. Toby specializes on fishing for Chinook salmon on the coastal rivers and waterways around the mouth of the Columbia River, so where you find Toby, you will find a robust fishery for King Salmon. His preferred method of fishing is to troll/motor mooch cut-plug herring and he appears to have a magic touch with matching his trolling speed to his cut plug angle, as all three times that I have fished with him we have hooked more fish than those angling around us. As all three of these fisheries (Lower Columbia Springer; Buoy 10; and Tillamook Bay) attract a lot of guided and sport angler attention that is high praise indeed. One interesting thing to note is that Toby carries two landing nets at the ready and the reason for this became apparent on this trip. We ended up with a double hook-up, so Toby had to deal with getting the boat away from the other fishing boats, keeping us safely away from the breaking waves on the jetty, and landing two large ocean bright Chinook. With only one net on board, this would have added another complication, but with two nets at the ready, he was able to net the first fish, heft it aboard, and then grab the second for the other fish. He also is very particular and organized with his bait, terminal tackle, and rod storage and so insures that his baits are almost always in the water fishing. This sort of attention to the fine details helps maximize the fishing opportunity.

If you are looking to catch some quality fish I whole heartedly recommend Toby and Sidewinder Charters.

Andy / Snohomish County WA

PS For full disclosure, I am also the webmaster for this site, but wrote the previous before doing the site design and would not have said it if I did not believe it to be true. Pleased feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my experience with Sidewinder Charters and Toby.

January 14, 2006

We've been friends of Toby's for years and have also had the pleasure to fish with him. For twenty years we've fished most of the same areas as Toby and rarely get lucky enough to catch as many fish and we fish almost as often as a charter. We tell anyone who asks that he is the best guide we know and if fishing is slow he's your best shot. We really enjoyed your pictures-beautiful, and the fish too. Jeanne / Centralia Wa.

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